Bridge navigational checklists and passage plan

Hello, Guys!
I’m writing a project and would like to hear yours opinions.

Project is about “Optimization of bridge checklists (ex. changing over navigational/anchor watch, preparation for departure/arrival, passage plan appraisal, navigation in ice, coastal waters, restricted visibility, heavy weatcher) and passage plan form can positively affect on ships safety.”

It would be great to hear your opinions and ideas.
Some questions to make it clear what I’m talking about:
1)What is your attitude to checklist? Do they help more than disturb? Do you fill them carefully or just put ticks?
2)What editing would you like to put in checklists (to add/remove some points from your experience, that you think must/mustn’t be there)?
3)How to reduce paperwork when using checklists?
4)What would you tell, if it’s possible to put bridge checklists in Tablet Pc?

Thanks in advance!