Brian & Connor Burke, MMA Cadets from San Diego CA

What DO you call two guys from San Diego who look REMARKABLY alike, who love being near, or even better, on the water, and are both one Sea Term and a few months short of graduating with degrees in Marine Engineering? That’s right - TwinGineers!

1/C Brian and 1/C Connor Burke are 2005 graduates of San Dieguito Academy in San Diego, CA. where they played lacrosse and competed on the school’s surf team! They are currently seniors at the MMA and according to their Assistant Lacrosse Coach, Lt. Rory Deegan, “They both could have played Division I lacrosse at numerous other colleges and universities on athletic scholarships. However, they chose MMA because, I suspect, they wanted a well rounded experience in which they would be challenged academically, within the Regiment of Cadets, on the T. S. Kennedy, and on the lacrosse field.”

They even managed to turn their internships into Twinternships! In winter 2009, Connor and Brian shipped aboard Celebrity Cruise Lines Mercury, visiting Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama Canal and Columbia. In the summer of 2009, they both did nine week stints at General Dynamics in San Diego, testing components of T-AKE vessels, dry cargo-ammunition ships operated by the Military Sealift Command. They also managed to procure a dual assignment at Clipper Oil in San Diego where they learned about international fuel and lubricant supplies with a focus on commercial tuna vessels.

This dynamic duo has also found the time to reactivate the MMA Sports Fishing Club. With thirty-seven members, the club has use of an Academy “sports fisher” on weekends. Not only do the members work diligently to catch a blue fin tuna or two, they focus on learning all there is to know about vessel safety.

… and after graduation they’ll be collecting twunemployment benefits!

In my experience, engineers are usually only unemployed if they want to be. Good thing they didn’t choose the deck department.

hmmm… upon reflection I concur. ergo, my attempt at humor has been squashed.

It was an awesome play on words.

I thought it was funny!

I am also glad those boys’ mother does not know about this website…yet…


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