Future Master and Commander

I have just been accepted to the Masters and Commander program at MMA and I’m excited to begin learning everything I can about the school, the area, and the industry.

I would love to begin networking with people who have went through the program along with anyone else who has attended MMA. Also, if anyone who will be attending MMA in the future finds this post, please message me as well. Finally, if anyone else is willing to offer any advice it would help me out big time. I greatly appreciate any and all responses and am thrilled to begin meeting ALL maritime industry professionals and enthusiasts.


Ugh! I’m lost for words…

It’s not April but this is a gag right?!?!?


Found this online.

Thanks for the response, Chili…made me hungry…time for lunch.

Masters in Global Logistics and Maritime Management PLUS 200-ton USCG License

WTF? Why on earth would someone want a master’s degree and a 200ton license?

Oh, I know! So you can advertise yourself on your business cards as Capt. Joe Bullshitski. WHAT A TRANSPARENT FARCE!

Shame on Maine Maritime for the clear and pathetic marketing gimmick and worse calling it something ridiculous as the “Master and Commander Program”. Is Jack Aubrey the academic dean?


What’s the deal? On other threads and websites there’s people talking UP these grad programs at Maine, SUNY, Texas, and the new one at cal…then all the sudden I start this thread and suddenly get negative feedback that I haven’t seen anywhere else…Can anyone give me more specific details as to why they think these programs are such a bad deal? If so, please message me! I’m an outsider needing some inside perspectives…something besides pics of dudes vomiting would be great…

the puke or the program???:cool:

You should do the masters program at mass maritime. A masters degree and a third mate any gross tons license. Much better use of time and money.