Brexit is near

Totally meaningless bit of electioneering on all sides.

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When Obama was president he ‘started wars’ by freshly attacking some countries.

Under Trump the USA hasn’t actually started any new wars, only continued and ended old ones.

There are apparently 5 or 6 other Arab countries who are close to normalizing relations with Israel in the coming months.

It seems like a most/all of the Sunni Muslim countries are getting fed up with the way Iran is behaving they’re all realizing that it might be more beneficial to them to trade with Israel normally than exclude them for historic reasons.

Almost all land in the world has been stolen from someone at some point, lots of land in the middle east was originally stolen from the Byzantine Empire, who stole it from someone else…


I love it when you talk about Cyprus and who owns it and the locals say ‘when’

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Speaking of owning it looks like the EU are desperate to keep the fishermen voting for them by trying to work out how to keep some access to UK waters after the the UK gives them the 2 fingers in a few months.

You mean like this?

Speaking of owning, it looks like the UK is not entirely ready for their “freedom” after they “take back their country” 01.Jan. 2021.
They may “own” a problem or two:

Or are your buddy network telling you differently?

Two hands might be needed.

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Yes, to clap.

well its like this, all you seem to know is what is printed in the newspaper ( which is certainly true about Singapore) and then you repost it.
Having buddies in government and industry in several countries, I seem to get another view.

All you seem to know is what your buddies tells you during BS sessions at the Marina.

Now back to Brexit.
The US MAY not be making special concessions to enter into a free trade agreement with the UK after it actually leaves the EU:

If anybody was illusional enough to think so.

The UK left the EU on the 31st of January this year.

But are still obliged to follow EU rules (and enjoy the advantages) until 31. Dec. 2020, when you will likely crash out without a deal.
To beg for an extension will probably be futile this time.

Wasn’t the UK looking for the same deal that Norway has?

They were, or at least that was one of the options that was talked about. But it was said to “have obligation without representation” was not acceptable.

Now they will have no obligation, but also no advantages and still no say so in how their largest market and trading partner is operating.
All trading deal negotiated by the EU will also not be covering UK.

But they MAY be able to control fishing in UK EEZ, which may not be a lot once Scotland and N.I. separate from the Union.
Any deal on British fishing in Norwegian and Icelandic EEZ will have to be renegotiated, since they are members of EEA and the present deal is with EU. Any new deal will involve reciprocal right in British waters.

Maybe good for the small fishing vessels in England, but not good for the large trawlers and seiners, largely owned by Scottish an N.I. companies, operating throughout the North Atlantic, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea.

The Shetland Islands are considering independence from Scotland and the UK, they have some of the best fishing and oil in their prospective EEZ.

West of Shetland is one of the best areas on the UKCS in terms of future oil and gas reserves, loosing that would be a massive blow to Scotland and/or the UK. The rest of the UKCS has aging fields in the process of expensive decommission.

At the last Scottish independence referendum the Shetlands were the one of the areas that votes most strongly to remain in the UK, I think the way a lot of them see it is that if they’re going to get dragged out the UK by the rest of Scotland they might as well do the same go independent themselves and not subsides the rest of Scotland with their fish and hydrocarbons.

I’m just waiting for the Kindgoms of Northumbria, Mercia and Wessex to campaign for their independence next…


Maybe they wants back to their Viking roots? (Which they are proved of)

The distance from Shetland (Lerwick) to Bergen is about the same as to Aberdeen. (Abt. 200 n.miles)

By rejoining Norway they will be members of EEA, thus associated with EU.

PS> It will also be powerful “Petrostate”. (As well as in fisheries and aquaculture)