Breaking the "golden handcuffs" of Govt employment


Hello all, Ive been lurking on the site for a while now, and this really seems to be a good location for a wealth of knowledge espcially for work in the GOM.<br><br>I started my first maritime job working in Galveston, on the harbor tugs there. Ive since received my license and went to work for MSC shortly after graduating A&M. Ive been here for 4 years now and the monotony of Govt job work is taking its toll.<br><br>I actaully miss the days of working, doing more than “just” standing watches inport or at sea. My thoughts now, are that I would rather get paid for working a steady amount of time vs just getting paid for my time and being here (kinda what it feels like here at MSC) I dont want to let myself slip into the stereo type of “Govt Workers” and I see that happen here all to often.<br><br>Working on finishing my C/M upgrade classes in a few months (3 remaining) along with posibly intro DP training. My question is, would it be better to stick it out here to try and recieve the paid training etc, then sail another year or leave in good standing (but w/o taking the training then walking) and start out back into working commercial offshore (2ndMate/3rdMate, Assit DPO, or Tug work). I’m thinking the more creditials/endorsements I could receive now would help me stand out in the crowd of new hires in the commercial world. But at the same time, I do have a certain amount of loyalty, and would feel guilty soaking up as much training as I could then leaving MSC (even though I see it done ALL to often).<br><br>I really enjoyed my time working on harbor tugs, but I would like to get in on the offshore DPO boats & rigs as well, seems like a booming field, and I would certainly enjoy the 28 & 28 rotation that many companies follow.<br><br>Thanks for any info.


MSCnomo,<br><br>First off, welcome to the board, it’s good to have you.<br><br>Second, I think you answered your own question, didn’t you?


Suck up all the free training as you can then split and don’t look back or feel guilty!




Leaving MSC was the best decision I ever made. It is good as a first employer, but it sucks for a career. Get the credentials and quit. Oh, don’t forget to use your sick leave. Dental work is always a great way to use it up.


<P>Don’t ever feel guilty for taking advantage of any benefit offered. You have given them at least 1/2 to 3/4 of your time for 4 years. Whatever program you use whether it is for training,health or dental you have earned. If you need to change employers to better your quality of life,do what is best for you. </P>


Thanks for all the replys,<br><br>I guess the “feeling guilty” is just my own personal work ethic. Youre definently right about giving up my time, Ive done plenty of that for MSC. They’ve been a good employer no doubt about that, but I think unless your dedicated to being a servant to the Navy and spending 8-10months+ away from home each year, its just not the right job for the long haul. Unless you want to give in and move to Norfolk.<br><br>Im ready now to progress on to a company that will hopefully stand by their employees and appreciate someone who is willing to work, in exchange for all the benefits one would expect for that. (Nothing in life is free, Im well aware of that, Im just hoping that I can find a company that will have the same type of good benefits and job security MSC has provided, as long as your willing to work hard)…sounds good on paper huh!!!<br><br>Ya know the one thing I hate the most, is having to go back in being the “FNG”…never did like learning the ropes and all that, but i guess its that “comfort zone” that can get ya into trouble though…or let to many good years pass by before ya know it!!<br><br>Thanks for the input, this is a great site.