Brand new Tanker lost power

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Tankers lost all power at Fedje

The tanker «Ionian Star» has now received the engine power report The Main Rescue Center Southern Norway. The ship used to drive to land.

by Liv Solli Okkenhaug, Adrian Søgnen

Published 29.03.2019 07:20 / Updated 29.03.2019 08:38

Just before 06:00 on Friday morning, the Main Rescue Center was informed that a tanker “Ionian Star” had lost engine power four kilometers west of Fedje and drove to shore. The ship has 19 people on board.

Several other vessels in the area came to, among others, the Coast Guard vessel KV «Senja» and the towing vessel «Vivax».

  • Vivax got attached to the tow and managed to keep the tanker stable, says guardian rescue officer Johan Mannsåker at the Main Rescue Center in Southern Norway.

Has got the engine power

The vessel has now regained its engine power, and goes for its own machine towards Sløvåg in line with the other vessels.

According to data from the Norwegian Coastal Administration, the ship keeps a speed of just over 10 knots north. Sløvåg was also the original target for the tanker, which did not have cargo on board.

Rescue helicopter is underway from Florø, reports the Main Rescue Center.

The oil tanker “” Ionian Star "is a brand new ship built in 2019. The vessel has a length of 183 meters and a deadweight of 50,506 tons. It is the flag of the Marshall Islands.