Ship Loses Power, In Distress Near Golden Gate

Youtube BB Code doesn’t seem to work, Here is a local news station video here.


A tanker ship headed out of San Francisco Bay became stranded and was briefly in distress Tuesday evening just west of the Golden Gate Bridge, but the U.S. Coast Guard said there were injuries or pollution because of the incident.

The Overseas Clelimar lost power around 5:30 p.m. and drifted at Point Diablo near the Marin shore, but did not run aground, according to Coast Guard Petty Officer Levi Read.

The 741-foot vessel had no cargo and didn’t hit anything before tugboats were used about 8 p.m. to bring it back to port at Anchorage Nine in San Francisco for inspection and repairs.

The tanker had already unloaded its oil at the Port of San Francisco. It did not leak any oil or other substances during the incident and posed no environmental threat, Peter McIsaac, president of the Bar Pilots Association told CBS 5.

There were 32 crew members and one bar pilot aboard the ship when it lost propulsion, but none were hurt, officials said.

The ship is registered to an overseas holding company and flies the Marshall Islands flag. The registry indicated that the tanker typically transports crude oil and petroleum to western ports.

The empty ship was headed to Ecuador at the time of the mishap, Coast Guard Petty Officer Laura Alcon said.

Just over a year ago another ship ran into trouble in the bay. The Cosco Busan crashed into a Bay Bridge tower in November 2007, leading to a major oil spill.

Hmm… three references about there being no environmental impact, and they say the crew is safe once… I love the media…

That said, its good to hear there was a successful out come.

I heard one news report saying that vessel came within 5 meters of running aground. There’s an interesting series of posts on Flickr about the incident…

Also, make sure you check out the transponder page…