Bow foils installed on ferry

Foils are charastically thin. Think epees. As shown on the photo of the appendages on the ferry, I’ll stick with fins.

Mirriam Webster:

Definition of hydrofoil

1 : a body similar to an airfoil but designed for action in or on water

2 : a motorboat that has metal plates or fins attached by struts fore and aft for lifting the hull clear of the water as speed is attained

Illustration of hydrofoil


Potato potawto

I’m sure “the people at Trondheim” will be sorry to hear that they will miss the opportunity to pick the brain of a distinguished and well know expert on all things nautical, but they will probably muddle through anyhow. You miss an opportunity to set them right on their “foily” way to financial ruin because of their idiotic design.
How can they miss the fact that installing active anti-roll fins amidships would be much more effective in reducing fuel consumption and pitching then their “folly foils” at the bow?

You are constantly talking about your ships and how well you manage them. You care to revile a list of those ships, with the names type, size and where they are trading, so we can admire your fleet and maybe follow them on AIS tracking sites?

PS> Not sure whether it is called “foils” or “fins” are of any major importance, as long as the system works as planned on the type of ships they are intended for and in the conditions that is suitable for their use.

Give the ferry a winter season, with both stormy weather that will test the durability and strength of the construction and the limitations that will apply. There may also be some days of flat calm, where there is neither enough waves to give any propulsive force, or a need for dampening of pitch motion, in which case the foils/fins can be retracted.

I find this an interesting concept and will be following the development. Reverting.

I don’t believe they are claiming it is anything like a “holy grail”. It is an interesting innovation that is worth a shot to save fuel. These guys are the only ones doing it that I know of.