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Has anyone read From The Bridge[img]" border=“0” width=“1” height=“1” /> by Captain Kelly Sweeney[img]" border=“0” width=“1” height=“1” />? I’d be interested in knowing if it’s worth a read.


don’t know the book but this review was on the SIU union page

Former Seafarers’ ‘Modern Stories’ Offers Entertainment, Insights

July 2005

Capt. Kelly Sweeney, a former SIU member and current master mariner, pulls no punches in his newly released book, “From the Bridge–Authentic Modern Sea Stories.”
The 188-page paperback is packed with crisp anecdotes, strong opinions and learned insights into shipboard life in the U.S. Merchant Marine. It is a compilation of monthly columns written by Sweeney for Pacific Maritime Magazine.

Sweeney sailed with the SIU in the deck department from 1983-85. He credits the late SIU Vice President George McCartney with helping him solidify his seafaring career (which continues today), and recalls that SIU Wilmington Port Agent John Cox was one of his first shipmates.

“The SIU gave me my start, and I’ll never forget it,” Sweeney stated. “When I needed a break, the SIU gave me that break and got me started. In my opinion, the SIU has only gotten better—more jobs, great school and on a forward-looking mission.”

Sweeney is equally candid and not afraid to criticize in “From the Bridge.” He tackles a wide range of subjects including crew sizes, the amended STCW convention, piracy, entry training, holidays at sea, gender equality and much more.

The book includes photos and in a few different chapters briefly mentions the SIU and its affiliated Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education.

A news release from the book’s publisher (Philips Publishing Group) captured the volume’s flavor with this line: “Captain Sweeney distills the essence of a mariner’s life for us in this compilation of stories.”

“From the Bridge–Authentic Modern Sea Stories” sells for $15.95 (not including shipping) and may be ordered from Philips Publishing Group at (206) 284-8285 or through their web site ( On the web site, a PDF-format order form is available.

It was supprisingly good.



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It was supprisingly good.



I hope I didn’t sail with him. I certainly don’t want to be a chapter. . . . .