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I was just wondering if some of you could recommend a few good books for the aspiring MM. Most of the books I have found so far have been about sailing (which I do not have much interest in at this time), biographies of sailors, maritime stories, etc. I’m looking for books that get into the technical side a bit more. Assume that the reader (me) is completely new to boating. While this is not exactly the case, its been a long time, and a refresher in even the most basics would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hustler, Penthouse, Swank.

Hustler, Penthouse, Swank they all have some really nice articles.

My favorite maritime publisher

My favorite maritime publisher

I just finished reading the new book about the Alaskan Ranger sinking and investigation “Deadliest Sea, by Kalee Thompson” and I also found this one interesting too “Lost At Sea, by Patrick Dillon” it’s about the crab boats Americus and Altair’s mysterious sinking and investigation. The bring up and talk about ship stability issues, pretty interesting. I read “58 Degrees North, by Hugo Kugiya” but didn’t find it nearly as interesting as the other two, it’s about the Arctic Rose sinking.

Grey Seas Under and The Serpents Coil by Farley Mowat two of the greatest sea stories ever told. Also the Sea Wolf by Jack London argueably the greatest sea story ever.

A Voyage for Madmen by Peter Nichols - GREAT BOOK

[QUOTE=Capt. Lee;39067]Hustler, Penthouse, Swank they all have some really nice articles.[/QUOTE]

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[QUOTE=anchorman;39224]You save the picture viewing for playgirl???[/QUOTE]

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Grey Seas Under was one of the best. So are the Patrick O’Brian books about Capt. Jack Aubrey. If you are looking for technical stuff though, I would suggest checking out books from Cornell Maritime Press.