Boat sink in India

Are there qualifications required to be a ferry boat captains in India? A Google search turned up zilch. Based on their safety record, it looks like the operators just grab whoever happens to be standing on the dock at departure time. Greed and corruption may derail regulations but it also seems like the folks who end up in the wheelhouse have no concept of self preservation. Does life there suck so bad there that no one has the will to live?

:slight_smile: Times change. The Asians were considered yellow in the USA when I was a child. Some of my uncles who fought in WW II and Korea considered them sub-human. Now we happily buy their cars, phones and computers. Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries in the region have their public school education system ranked among the best in the world now, much higher than that of the USA public education. Who would have thought 50 or 60 years ago this would happen?


And to anybody that studies history, it is easy to understand why your uncles had such a viewpoint. I wonder if the same type of war/circumstances occurred today what the treatment of POWs would be like in Asia…

And though off topic, few truly know the contrast of how American POWs were treated in Europe vs the Pacific.

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