Boat handling skills


The mark of a great ship handler is to never get into a situation which requires great ship handling.


I think that quote is from Grand Admiral King USN.


You and me both. While I do miss 1996 to 2010ish, and the premium anchor handling days, I saw the writing on the wall with new generation DP drill ships taking over moored rigs, I had to make the jump.
I’m not sure if the mooring water depth record still stands of setting out the Nautilas in AC857, Greatwhite prospect. Well center was about 9800’, but I set one suction pile on SE corner 9998’. Maybe 2002, or 2003. I suppose that’s where Perdido is now.


Wrong, I was in a lot of these situations and it was a part of the job.


Shiphandling is easy with pilots and tugs going down deep well charted and marked channels into berths that are designed and setup for handling such ships.

When some, or all, of that infrastructure is missing, it becomes a lot more difficult.


I don’t think anchor handling had been invented when that quote was first uttered.


You are correct. The quote by Admiral King was in an instruction to US naval officers before the Second World War.
Before the introduction of bow thrusters some roll on roll off ferries were equipped with a bow rudder to assist them making a stern board to he berth. The development of the AHTS was driven by the development of North Sea oil and the design has been so refined as to be capable of manoeuvres that in the past would have been unimaginable.


I agree in absolute terms. Mariners that move ships frequently in tough situations will most likely have a higher level of skill then someone working in a more benign environment.

But in relative terms, even working in a benign environment there will be a significant difference between someone paying attention or not. If something unexpected happens then the mariner who has been watching, analyzing, asking, studying, listening etc is going to have an advantage.


Very true !


Hurtigruten “Nord Norge” arriving Bodo in gale:

They do this year around, in all weather and several times a day. (68 port calls per 11 days round trip)


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