Big "oops" at the NMC - Medical Records

This just in from our friend Norleen Schumer, let’s hope she doesn’t get too much heat for sharing this with us!

Until further notice NO NOT DESTROY any of your old physical forms. Rumor has it that NMC put the new ones on the web BY MISTAKE, and no body wants to take responsibility for the “oops”. Supposedly the new forms on the web are a DRAFT only.

I feel I must keep you informed, even if it does make me look like a schmuck. Things are changing VERY rapidly at NMC and it is obvious to me, that things just are not quite kosher back there. Hence, you get the Oops syndrome. This so reminds me of my days at the REC ,when my standard answer to quantify anything I said, was “as of this moment, this is the way it is, I cannot guarantee what it will be in 5 minutes”.

I’ll let you know more when hopefully, I get a more defined answer from NMC.

Norleen L. Schumer

NMC’s web page links directly to the forms site for the whole Coast Guard. The form is not posted by or at NMC. I’m sure Ms. Schumer wishes otherwise, but the “oops” isn’t the doing of NMC. As soon as we determined the forms were not yet OMB approved, the link was removed.

I’m responding to my own post to mark it a thread with a new post. That, and I like talking to myself.

I did not mention what happens to anyone who downloaded and used the not yet approved form: Nothing. We’ll accept it. While we cannot require anyone to use the new form until it’s approved by OMB, we can accept it, and will.