Big Easy this week

Flying into MSY today, anything fun or cool going on?
I am in class in Belle Chasse during the day Monday - Friday, hoping to visit the workboat show at some point if class lets out early enough.
Any other ideas?

Bourbon Street. That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell

I’ll be at the workboat show today-tomorrow. Theres a LOT of stuff to do in New Orleans! Just depends on what you like. I’m staying through the weekend just to do some of that other stuff. Thinking of one of those haunted New Orleans tours, maybe the aquarium, hitting the street full of art galleries, Frenchman street (better than Bourbon st unless you’re just out to get blasted), maybe go tour the plantations just outside town, too much to do and not enough time…
hope you can get to the show at least :wink:

Went to the show yesterday afternoon, headed back again this afternoon because I didn’t get to see it all.

yeah, its hard to see it all in only one day- plus there are all the ‘receptions’ to go to;-)

Workboat show. Find invites to the party’s. Free booze and food on Bourbon all night long. I think the workboat show is credited with 4 of 5 worst hangovers I’ve ever had.

Took in the show today. Great to see so many vendors but I really think the crowd was not that impressive for day two… A lot of old faces, and a lot of new. Very surprised at the alcohol being offered at the exhibitors booths. Probably 15% of vendors were passing out beer, keggers all the way up to a full bar. Mikey I think MY worst hangover was at an OTC in Houston.