Biden To Pardon All Federal Simple Marijuana Conviction

I would assume most mariners or potential mariners with marijuana conviction were convicted on the state level (Not mariners from DC or US territories obviously) but wonder how this is going to look on new USCG applications?

I think it’s great btw.

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Probably won’t matter. The CGs definition of conviction is based on whether you were found guilty or plead guilty. I don’t think a Pardon negates a conviction, its not an expungement, and even if it were the CG only allows expungements to count if it’s because the court made a mistake.

But I agree, this is a good start at reviewing drug schedules.


With the flooding of fentanly in our boarders no apparent gateway drug penatly, what could possibly go wrong?

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I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure accepting a pardon means you admit you’re guilty

Gateway drug lol, my gateway drug was alcohol


Nicotine is the highly addictive gateway drug.

To a much lessor extent, alcohol too.

I’m against marijuana use, however, Prohibition and the war on drugs has failed.

Biden does not care about fentanyl. If he did, he would not have thrown the border wide open.

More than anything, Biden is just buying votes and shoring up the Democratic base with these pardons.


Nor should it. People with a drug conviction have demonstrated an inability and/or unwillingness to follow the law regarding a mind altering substance. Not who the USCG should be signing off on to man our ships.

There’s a lot of illegal activities I think would be a good time (including weed), but I don’t partake because I value my job/career.

It was these darn things for me. After a few boxes of candy cigarettes I went straight to paint huffing…



Oh come on, at least half of everyone I’ve worked with offshore is a raging alcoholic, and the CG even let’s you come back after a DUI after a period of time.

Also I’d wager half of everyone I know has at some point used a weed related substance, including doctors, lawyers, my current county sheriff, prior Presidents. They just didn’t get caught. It hasn’t affected their jobs.

I thought “gateway drugs” was just term we had to learn 30 years ago to justify the failed DARE program.


I take 2 or 3 months off every time I sign off. 2 or 3 times I took off 5 months. Plenty of time to use all kinds of drugs & clean up. I think coke only stays in the system a couple weeks? I think you, myself & most other non-drug users refrain from drugs because it’s dumb & usually only needed by those with mental illness. For me, not being a drug user has nothing to do with my career.

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Biden, if it comes up on his radar, can order the USCG to change the definition.

The USCG treats pot the same way as meth and heroin. Maybe that appeared to make sense many years ago, but virtually no one thinks so now.

Pot is legal in 35 states. Before long it will be close to 50 states. Federal legalization will follow. The writing is on the wall for all to see.

Sailors have never been choirboys. No one expects them to be. They never will be. Nor should they be.

Pot use at home is a very minor transgression, that few people give a damn about.


Going to need ALOT more grub money I know that when the day comes for mariners when it isnt illegal. Honestly what someone does off the boat I dont care, I wouldnt wanna attempt my job stoned off my ass, throw in the ear buds and make a 6hr journey to go pump fuel :laughing: Rails off the radar for crew change, I mean come on.