Beta Tester's Round 2

Round one of our BETA testing for our not so secret, secret project is going really well. MANY THANKS to our small team of testers, the feedback has been amazing!!

And we are ready to recruit a few more willing hands! BETA testing will give you early access to the new sortof secret project along with a big coupon code that will allow you to purchase products at our cost.

In this round we are looking for people willing to spend a few bucks and order products. Each purchase will come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee… in fact we are eager to find imperfections we can improve and - for BETA testers - you get to keep the item and get your money back and a huge thank you for our team.

So who’s in?

P.S. If you don’t have time right to help but would like to be the first to be notified of our grand opening then please click this link, get a coupon (albeit smaller) and enter your email in the box.


How much $ are we talking here?

Let’s say a minimum purchase of $20… but any purchase is helpful because we need to test the order processing system… and our lowest priced item is awesome and costs just $4.99.

Great, count me in!

Awesome Brian, thanks! :highfive:

I’ll include you in the private forum group now… then click on this link for more details:

I’ll give it a go John.


@john, every time I try to follow the links to the store, it gives a coming shortly message.

They’re should be a small link up top to sign in with a password.

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Well that’s what Amazon’s lowest seller charges… but we should be able to beat that… right?

Now on sale for $4.99 :slight_smile:

Sign me up and I’ll give you a call with my notes after making a purchase.

@brian3m @DamnYankee @cmjeff you have been added. Please check the link :grinning:

Just placed my 2nd order John :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Awesome, thanks Jeff!