Best West Coast Tug Company?

Left-coasters… I’m seeking opinions regarding the best companies to work for…regardless of size, or number of vessels. Who has the best management, employees, boats, pay & benefits, routes, schedules, etc.? I understand paid travel is pretty much an industry standard, but there are always other intangible benefits that are unique to each company…
Knowing what you know now…who would you choose to make your career with?

Last year I had a shot with sause and declined…if my crystal ball was working, knowing what I know now, I would have pursued it. Seems like there are lots of perks working for them. Coincidentally I have a friend who just started with them and he seems to like it.

When I was working with Oregon Offshore Towing, I had a few crewmates who worked for them. they were all stand-up guys…a few approached me with, “Sause is a [I]good[/I] company to work for…”, but when I asked why they themselves were not still working for them…they declined to answer. That was enough to cause me concern.
I anticipate having my Mate of Towing, QMED, & Mate 500 (oceans) by Aug., so I want to get on with a company I can “grow old” with. In my “career” thus far I have worked with good companies…and not-so-good companies. All the unions seem to be equally dysfunctional, so that is kind of a wash in my view…really, I’m just looking for the company I can be with for the next 20 years.

I have worked for Foss and Crowley in the SF Bay Area. They are both decent companies to work for. Foss pays slightly more, but Crowley provides excellent training and pays for all expenses, including the new STCW requirements. Mariners that work for Crowley stay for life and Crowley always keeps their crew employed.Crowley also provides food instead of a daily stipend, which is great. If you are an Engineer, either company would be happy to have you. To get a cush harbor job though, you may have to work offshore or in Alaska with either company first.