Best way to visit MEBA hall

Obviously the best way to visit a hall is to live nearby. What other ways have you guys heard of or done? So far dealing with AirBnBs and hotels for staying an unspecified amount of time has been a little annoying. I’m thinking of maybe getting some sort of camper trailer I could stay in while waiting (I live 4 hours away). Any ideas? Thanks

Why are you camping out in a hall and not on a ship right now?

Go get on a ship, then you won’t have to visit the MEBA hall.

Problem solved.

I’m not camping out at a hall currently. I just made an account on here yesterday and this one of the questions I always wanted to ask.

It depends on where you want to ship out of.

There are a bunch of halls where you can get night work to help offset the cost of looking for a job.

I have no clue how the environment for night jobs is today, but I can say that way back in the day, as an applicant, night jobs were few and far between.

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