Best revenge at sea story?

Oh, man. . that is cruel. . . I love it. . .

That lottery number switch has been used I know of at least twice in our beloved fleet. Both dudes, you had to gut them to get the hook out. Mean, but Hilarious. Even though we told the one dude it was a joke, he still thouhgt he won until he called lottery headquarters in Tallahasse.


I know this is an old thread but I hope nobody mind me reviving it with this tale
(Copied and translated from a Norwegian FB Group)

One time on an RRF delivery (New Orleans to Tacoma- Crane Ship)- the rumor mill got started that we “were going to get activated and go to a load port right after the next port”… Finally, the Old Man and I got so sick of this bullshit and the unending questions… We typed up a phony message enquiring about the fuel necessary to go to Mc Murdo Station with or without a stop in New Zealand (even had the port- Lyttelton)…

We proudly watched everyone go crazy. Even had the 2nd do a full set of bunker soundings- I stopped the 1st though- he was already making up engine reqs !


well … a lot of these are a bit beyond. mind, i’ve seen some stuff but sheesh!!!,
doubtful i ever did anything worse than pipe hot air into some cabin, other maladies I generally settled ““out of court””.

Typing up phony messages about next port, crew changes, or new company policies, crumbling them up and throwing in the radio room or Captain’s office trash was a good way to get things started.


I remember a new purser came aboard that smoked cigars. Engineers knew these would clog toilet vacuum lines, so he was warned not to flush the aforementioned cigars.

Well once at sea his toilet clogged and the branch line secured and toilet removed to snake out the offending stub. This done the engineers asked captain for permission to requisition spares and deactivate the toilet pending receipt of same. Of course this took many days and no cabin reassignment was available but there was a public day head a deck up.

End of cigar problem :joy: