Basic information

HI, am a new user of these site, am very much interested in becoming a DPO OFFICER, and i have been making enquries here and there and from reading your blogs can you pls enlighten me as to what and what to do i have my SSO, CSO,PFSO certificate already thou just lookin to do more and get on sea, thanks for taking the time to read this

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the nautical institute at [I] will have the information available to answer your questions. the are the orginisation that certifies DPO’s. You will need 2 classes to get started and there are several schools that offer these. Hopefully you can get your company to pick up the tab. I recently heard a runour that at least a 500 ticket was needed to serve as a DPO, but havent seen anything to confirm it yet. Best of luck.


thanks jimmy, your information was very useful found a trainning center in aberdeen will keep you posted on how it goes many thanks