Barge Master - Foss Maritime - AK

Barge MasterRate of Pay: $493/dayJob Purpose/Summary:Overall Person In Charge, qualifies rigging (with the crane operator). Supervises the barge crew consisting of a Deck Foreman, a Crane Operator, a Rigger Mechanic, and two laborers. Initiates JSA. Makes the overall Go/No Go call prior to operations. …


Are these barge jobs for the Tuuq and its role in supporting Shell’s exploration or for something else, like the Red Dog barges?

[QUOTE=Gimli;158303]Are these barge jobs for the Tuuq and its role in supporting Shell’s exploration or for something else, like the Red Dog barges?[/QUOTE]

is the TUUQ the spill response barge owned by Superior because that is what I believe the jobs are on

The spill barge is arctic challenger, it’s either the tuuq or American trader they have two barges they have yet to load the crane on either of them. Challenger is considered a MODU or something

Thanks guys.

[QUOTE=Gimli;158313]Thanks guys.[/QUOTE]

Isn’t $493 a day awfully low for a barge “Master” ? Foss pays $500 plus for ordinary tugboat 2nd mates.

there’s not a lot of "barge master jobs out there besides the crowley ones in valdez where they hide people away lol

Talking about the Arctic Challenger:

Seems they did better than in 2012 during recent tests. Cutious if it will also do the job (if ever needed) up north.

Does anyone know anything about Foss’ postings for their barge jobs…aside from whats in the job posting. I’m curious about schedules, travel to/from, how is sea time credited? If anyone has done it or has a little insight I’d really appreciate it. I’ve stuck in an app with them just to find out and here more about the gigs and will share the info.

I hear that the Arctic Challenger will be standing by in Kotzebue In case Shell might have a spill in the Chukchi. I hear that Shell requires its contractors to have either a 21/21 or 28/28 schedule. None of the usual 60 day plus Alaska hitches allowed.

The Point Thompson work is for a different oil company, maybe Chevron ? They are bringing in some big oil field modules from Korea and moving them ashore with shallow draft equipment. I heard third hand from someone who knows the janitor’s sister that Foss is sending one boat to Korea for the tow, but the other modules will be towed by Asian tugs as far as Barrow, where Foss will takeover completely. The day rates sound quite low to me for the Point Thompson work. Its also only about a one to two month job, so it may be work straight through and done.

The AC rotation is 21/21. Based on my own research after a USCG phone call, sea time aboard (any) barge is either one day for every three or one day for every four worked. That is while the barge is docked. While underway it is counted day for day.

Yes in general oil spill response time is not credited 1/1.

Thanks for all the good info guys, I really hope I hear back from them now. Even time on a barge doesn’t sound so bad even if the sea time is credited at less than 1/1.