Barge handrails?


Why is there no requirement for hold barges to have handrails around the hold and outside? I assumed because they would become damaged by loading buckets etc and when they interact with other barges, come loose, dislodges and broken becoming a hazard themselves?? But i can not find a definitive answer anywhere as to why class do not require them?? I have been asked for the answer but cannot find any reason anywhere?? Thoughts??

The Load Line requirements for guard rails and hand rails only apply to manned vessels. Unmanned barges are not required to have them.

There have been questions going around about ATB’s and how the Barges are considered Unmanned but many times, the crews are out there working on deck at sea. It will be interesting once the USCG catches up and makes a ruling on this.

The USCG issued a policy letter years ago for crew out on an ATB’s barge. Lookup “conditional occupancy of unmanned barge.”

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