Bankruptcy question

Got another question for you wonderful mariners.

I may have to file chapter 7 bankruptcy soon for credit card debts. Filing bankruptcy won’t hurt my chances of getting on with the SIU or with a cruise ship in Hawaii, would it?

I also have student loan debt which cannot be discharged so if I cannot make the minimum payments they may garnish me. Would this cause a company to not keep me? I hope not.


Dont take this advice to the bank, but,

A us mariners paycheck cant be garnished, directly from your check. After you put the check in the bank then its fair game, i know child support can come out of your check, but a civil judgement or lien garnishing your wages can not. Ive seen guys here avoid paying certain things and get away with it, but thier credits shot.

bargemonkey is right, here is a bannana for being a good boy