Baltimore port to open deeper channel, enabling some cargo ships to pass

Good news for port workers.

Newly opened channel has a depth of 35 feet.

Five of the seven cargo ships that have been stuck in Baltimore’s harbor will be able to pass through the new channel, including one loaded car carrier, officials said Tuesday, marking one month since the deadly disaster. Other ships are scheduled to enter the port, which normally processes more cars and farm equipment than any other in the country.

Another report - from the Army.

The LAC is planned to have a controlling depth of at least 35 feet, a horizontal clearance of 300 feet, and a vertical clearance of 214 feet. The Captain of the Port will permit transit within the LAC with restrictions as described in MSIB 043-24, including weather limitation which may impact that transit window. When deemed operational, the LAC is expected to provide passage for a limited number of commercial vessels into the Port of Baltimore and a departure opportunity for some deep draft vessels currently unable to leave the harbor since the bridge collapse.

Expeted to be opened tomorrow, 25 Apr.

It’s going to be a big job overall but the focus for now is going to be restoring the main channel to the controlling depth of 50 feet (15 meters).

Reporting now is that the main channel is expected to be open on or about 10 May with depth of 45 feet (14 meters).

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Good news dies on the wind.
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