Ballast Water Treatment Evaluation on TS Golden Bear

CMA just recieved $700,000 in grant money to fit the TSGB with standard fittings so that a company can load a test ballast water treatment facility into a 20ft container and bring it on board to test. Here’s the school’s official press release:

It’s 700,000 CMA not 700,000,000. BIG difference. Still a big waste of tax dollars.

It’s been several years since I was on a west coast run and route requirements may have changed but we were required to run further offshore for ballast water exchange. With the cost of fuel, it’ll soon be cost effective for some sort of water treatment. Thankfully, I’ll be retired.

Hmm it’s $700,000 but even the press release $700M…guess somebody should have proofread that.

Alright, alright, edited for the correction. Thanks for the grief!

But then again the “m” is also correct denoting mil or thousand. Depends on whose dictionary…

We already did something similar to this on M/V Cape Washington. It’s becoming a bigger issue all the time

LOL I wouldn’t trust the incompetant admin (Yount ,ect) with 7 cents much less 700k.

Yount’s not in charge anymore, all she does now is teach the leadership classes.