Bad Work Experience on a Superyacht

i have taken an a number of different stewarding contracts for very powerful and rich people, and i have identified a pattern that cant be ignored - money can buy EVERYTHING - most importantly - it can buy freedome. what you will do when you are rich and rich depends on you alone. some use their whealth for good, some for bad, but this gut i worked for used it for some crazy stuff. one of them is a crazy superyacht party cruise at the Mediterranean. you guys can read the whole story on:

long story short, have you ever encountered an employer who acted like that? would you report him to the authorities? would you keep working for him despite his crimes?

Yes, fuck no, maybe.

You’re not very specific, but if you’re shocked by debauchery, even lots of it, you’re in the wrong line of work. This particular rabbit hole goes very deep, and it sounds like you’re about one level down from the surface. It takes a strong psyche to exist in such an environment over time, and I’ve demonstrated to myself that I can stand it only in bite sized chunks (stop sniggering in the back).

You may find that working on a “real” boat leaves you dog tired, aching all over and physically scarred, with much less time to go chasing girls between bouts, but you get to sleep like a rock at the end of your watch.

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I’m shocked and dismayed.


Are you talking about the kind of billionaire Arab prince that comes from a family that would have a world famous US resident Washington Post reporter killed by strangulation after publicly inviting him to a consultant then having his body chopped up, put in Ziploc bags & suitcases to be flown back home so a family member could have the pieces presented to him like something out of a horror movie without even getting a slap on the wrist as punishment?

If so, my advice is to ask yourself what do you think would happen to the prince & to the royal family if they did something 10x worse to a nameless steward on their superyatch who pissed him or his family off?

The whole world knows. Don’t get yourself killed over it. Find a new job.


So everything we already thought happens on these super-yachts, happens. Got it.


That kind of behavior is unacceptable and must be reported to the State Dept immediately so our elected officials can express indignation and outrage.

PS Can you provide details?


As an amateur writing critic, I have to mention that when your blog hooks us with fecal covered carpets and then never fully explains it…Well let’s just say it was disappointing.


Not reported, No Names, No places, No Dates, No Evidence. No story, It never happened.
It might be all true it might be all BS.

Epstein obviously got away with all kinds of stuff, for many years. People working for him didn’t report, victims didn’t report and at least 1 Prince is still trying to do damage control.

I’ve never worked on a yacht, I know a few people who have, some have some stories.
It’s a very secretive industry.

This article is nothing more than vague rhumers and innuendo.
If the steward is willing to standby do nothing and receive the rewards, he or she can continue to enabling their employer. Or it’s up to them or quit.

Wait. You haven’t read the blog posts from the steward on the “Lolita express”? Oh you’re missing out. Fecal covered carpets are just the beginning…

To the OP. Isn’t this a business where you are paid for your discretion and secrecy? Of course the rich are going to act badly on their mega yacht. What other reason do they have to own it?

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Below deck is like my favorite show


I did 5 years on a megayacht, it was great, had the right boat, right cruising plan, right owner
( did I say he owned a modelling agency on the side)


Hey Klaveness, where do I sign up for these “lots of debauchery” boats? All I seem to find are boring ones.


You don’t find them, they sneak up on you when you least expect it.

Also, shame on me for not realizing that OP is a troll.


thanks for (some) of your helpful reply’s - my employers “event” published here as well:

for those who calls BS on this post - thanks for your help.

Way to go, sport. Respond to calls of BS with more vague BS.

" While sometimes the life of a yacht steward may seem very glamorous, the fact that they need to do things like fill up bathtubs with Fiji water and oil for guests, is quite odd and appalling."

Appalling?!? Get a life.

Yes that was a well researched article of vagaries… thanks for sharing

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I sometimes miss @c.captain

Edit: the thing is, for moral decrepitude to be engaging, you need more of it. Ever read The Dirt? I think that should be required reading for someone like you.

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i have one already, and a good life thanks,

you do understand that if i will publish my/my employers/the boats/any participants names will get me fired and jobless - and maybe even lifeless.

thanks for your help @Lee_Shore

dude, give us the dirt or nobody cares.

Pics or nobody cares.

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I can show you pictures of feces stained carpets if you’d like. I have toddlers…