Bad jokes can get you in trouble

Don’t make silly jokes about bombs when on a flight, especially if your flight is bound for Singapore:

They don’t take lightly to jokes they don’t understand.
Remember Michael Fay??

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after singapore is done with him he won’t do that again!

detained under the mental health act, you get out when they decide…might not be flying for a while

Whatever happens to him, he deserves it. Let’s recap… Takes illegal drugs, boards an international flight… To Singapore no less, makes bomb threat.

If they still publicly beat the shit out of people with canes, this incident is a good candidate for that.

The stupid shall be punished.

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Depends on age to get the cane

The problem is that “they” are the Doctors at the Mental Hospital (aka Woodbridge)
After a short while they may say; “look how clever we are, he is cured and can fly home now”

Caning is still on the books for certain (mostly violent) crimes committed by healthy males between ages of 18 and 50. The max. punishment is 24 strokes of the rattan cane on the bare bottocks. (No padded pants allowed, as requested for Michael Fey)
It is carried out in prison by a Warden and with a Doctor present, not in public.

Source: Caning in Singapore - SgWiki

PS> That made me curious; what happened to Michael Fey after his ordeal?
Here is what I found:

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