Back to the stone age?

Interesting. This one really caught my eye, "However, Mr Olejniczak, who lives in the Polish city of Lodz, admits that initially the switch was challenging. “Before I’d be checking everything, such as buses and restaurants, on my smartphone [when travelling]. Now that is impossible, so I have learned to do all those things beforehand at home. I got used to it.”

I remember traveling without a smart phone, and the challenges, especially with the unpredictability of my employ. . . having to make flight, hotel, car and other changes by phone. . .trying to get my phone to work in other countries. . . amazing how these things have changed lives, even old geezers like me.


I’ve never been much of a fan of smart phones. Too much crap I don’t need. And expensive.

Radar from the Stone age:
Radar Display unit type 155 B Class B. Serial No. R. 0637.
Safe compass distance standard 4 ft.
Decca Radar Ltd. Made in England
This unit was installed on the 1943 blt. US PCE 833 / HMS Kilham:
Converted to RoPax Sognefjord in 1950:

Still existing as Orient Explorer. Now laying in Kota Kinabalu;

In near wreck condition after having been grounded in a storm and partly sunk in 2020;

Anybody here that has operated this type of radars?