Avalanche on Jan Mayen

An avalanche on the Norwegian island of Jan Mayen has killed 2 people:

PS> Jan Mayen has the only active volcano (Beerenberg) on Norwegian territory and frequently experience earthquakes.

I always tell old, 50+ Norwegian ladies to avoid cross country skiing on volcanoes after snow fall.

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They obviously don’t listen to you. Surprised??
BTW; Your “joke” is in bad taste. Two people died in a tragic accident. That is no joking matter. You should think before posting such stupidities.

It wasn’t a joke but simple advice. Remember the Norwegian ice hockey team that drowned during spring training?

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No I don’t.(???)
If that happened it is even less of a joke than that 2 people die in an avalanche on Jan Mayen.

Please refrain from making stupid jokes.

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Actually it is a Norwegian joke about a Swedish hockey team spring training without checking the ice. The Swedes are good at ice hockey but forget the climate. Maybe it was the fault of Greta? Re Jan Mayen cross country skiing on a volcano, I simply recommend not doing it. When I lived in Japan mount Fuji was just closed for skiing in winter. You had to ski in the local Alpes.

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Why was a Swedish hockey team training on natural ice in the spring?
OK, I could guess, but …

BTW; The the three that got caught in an avalanche were NOT on the Beerenberg volcano, or practising downhill skiing.

FYI: There are other hills and mountains on Jan Mayen They where on their way to a hut on the opposite side of the island to the station and Olonkin City.

And why did a priest, a rabbi, and a chimpanzee walk into a bar…?

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Usually where there is one volcano, there’s more…


I have no ide. Maybe because they were thirsty??

The three people that was caught in an avalanche lived at the Met station in Olonkinbyen and was out on a skiing trip.

Maybe they were heading across the island to spend the weekend at Puppebu??:

The written history of Jan Mayen in not long, but quite interesting: