Autonomous ships, is something missing?

It’s an odd thing, but it seems all the images of potential autonomous ships seem to be missing a somewhat vital component? The exhaust stack?

Surely, they must still have some form of engine which will need some sort of exhaust system. Whilst there would be no need for accommodation to take up space, or or a bridge for navigation in harbour, how does the engine draw in air and ventilation then deal with the exhaust?

Or will they also be battery powered?

Has exhaust, but not sure about intake… You’re right, though, some don’t. Maybe they finally caught on to the greenest tech ever: elastorotary propulsion.


also, where are the bridges? seems like even autonomous ships will need one for pilots and emergencies etc.

Obviously, the autonomous ship promoters plan to also perfect cold fusion in tandem with the autonomous ships.


That would be so rad. Once we are really good at the magnetic containment, all we’ll need is a source of dilithium crystals and antimater: bang! Warp core reactor. Then I will change my name to Georgia LaForge, and the final frontier will be ours.



“This will transform our understanding of our planet.”

Yes there is one thing missing before autonomous ship can be a reality; international regulationd.
IMO is gearing up to provide such regulations though:

From Maasmond News clippings today: