Autonomous ships

Forgive me if I have missed something I am new and did not see the the subject but did see an article. An autonomous ship with no crew and no crew quarters etc. sounds good to one that only thinks about money and lives in a fantasy world. But how can they account for unplanned, unforeseen and unforeseeable events?

What happens when a high pressure fuel line leaks? What happens when a container has a leak in its contents? There are in-numerous, unforeseeable events and failures that can, and will, take place. Such events happen all of the time. One cannot guarantee that everything will function as desired, shit happens. To be so arrogant as to assume what one wants in face of reality is a critical flaw in ones analysis.

Some individuals are living in a fantasy world which is highly questionable for supposed educated and scientific humans. There is absolutely no way that one can assume a vessel can operate without human intervention or oversight on the vessel. No one can foresee or predict what might happen in the world. If something unexpected happens what then? This has happened on uncountable vessels. A vessel carrying thousands of containers is not the same as a little local drone taking pictures.

Interesting poll on Splash247…

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Try reading the discussion we’ve already had on the topic:

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Thank you Capt_Phoenix I found it.

I’m not sure if the author (not everybody’s favourite here I know) has understood what autonomous ships are all about, but here is two articles from Workboats that was featured on Maasmond Newsletter today:

If you have to have accommodations and facilities for crew on board, much of the purpose of autonomous, or remote controlled ships are lost.