Autonomous Ships (again)

Lots of aviation talk on this thread lately. Maybe an Administrator could shift some to a new thread?

its connected, autonomous shipping and autonomous planes and will there be less accidents?

Fuck autonomous ships and aircraft. Drones with bombs/missles and shit, I’m ok with that. Flying or sailing human cargo, not so much. There will be accidents but nobody to blame perhaps but the nerd in a semisoft swivel chair with his pods and apps thousands of miles away. No thank you.

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Did you happen to watch the 60 Minutes story on the autonomous tractor-trailers currently being tested on some of our western highways. They expect to be in service next year.

USA can put a tomahawk in a window of a building over a long distance…
Some clever radar picture mapping with sat photographs going on there

Yes true. (Provided they have identified the right window in the right building)

If painted before or during. This stuff is not as foolproof as they’d lead you to believe. Never ever 100% believe reports from the military about their wonderful systems, there are vested interests involved. The guys writing those reports are looking for a job. When is the last time you read a report that read something that began with the words, " Missile went the wrong place"
There’s a lot of “oh shit” in the missile bidness.

Interesting story…
worked with a reporter/cameraman that years ago worked with CNN at Sarajevo winter olympics.
just winged a job as he was there.
After a background check he was allowed into the technical centre as they had some new machine so secret it had armed guards.
Guys told him is was so expensive for the military it can be hired out to film crews as that was the deal for congress to allocate budget.
What it did and my buddy did the filming was they flew a chopper down the streets and everywhere they could to create a base film archive.
What the computer could do from that was create a photo of angles that had not filmed and add or remove objects in that.
If they missed some event they could make it up after and or pretend its live but the footage is not live.
The guys told him the military use it to manipulate satellite or any other photos to the viewing angle they want and thats what they load into a missile and it looks for the view that they have never photographed so they could add windows to the side of a building if they were told about it and the missile would find the window they aimed it at.
That was 1984, so it must of had a few updates by now?

Here’s the radar image of a port and the dock, so the ship drives there by itself?
Easily doable but none of that can work till they solve the everything aware issue.

Japan is heavily into testing autonomous shipping>

So this was not an ocean crossing, but still.

PS> Crossing Tokyo Bay may be more challenging than crossing the Pacific. At least trafficwise.

And then there is the airplane crash in Pakistan

Not quite fair comparison Johnny, they lost their engines while up in the air. Rather lose them while at sea, still would suck no matter what.

go around then just did a bad landing in a glider it seems after a high speed long landing and in the panic of the go around the wheels went up so early the engines hit the ground and they were toast but it kept flying…for a short while.
All my expat mates complain the locals in Asia panic in a go around and pull the wheels up too soon.
Remember the 777 belly landing in Dubai

There is much more to this story than “lost their engines”.

From this link:

Another photo purported to be PK8303 after the go-around. No gear. Clean configuration. RAT deployed.
And what appears to be some serious fluid leakage on both nacelles.
Note the bird.

I digress Johnny. That is much more detail than I saw or read earlier. Wow, what a mess.

Here’s your new autonomous crew getting ready for crew change. Solves a lot of MLC issues too.


No crew = No MLC issues.
US flag = No MLC
(But maybe som Crew issues ?)

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LOL .That could be a future football team the way things are going. No thank you.

I’d rather have those scare the shit out of me onboard than deal with some of the crewmembers I’ve had. :joy:

Think about how subsea gear changed design to suit the arms on a ROV.
They can plug in out and turn on off just about anything.

A few days later, we have more info. It appears they landed with the gear up and destroyed the engines, but didn’t stay on the ground…they took back off, destroyed engines stopped spinning, and they crashed. Which brings us back to the original discussion of incompetent “foreign” pilots…or is it foreign “pilot”.