AutoCAD Engine


Can some help me with an engine drawing in AutoCAD, not good at that at all.
If you can do it and you have free time let me know please!

Main engine : MAK type 8M25C

Surely you’re joking?

Suggest talking to the engine builder.

no, i’m not joking :slight_smile: i really don’t know how to do it :slight_smile:

What I meant was that’s the sort of thing you pay people big money to do. I would think that drawings for an engine would take hundreds of hours at least.

i don’t think it would take that much (time and money) is just a school project nothing too fancy…

Find a drawing in a pdf brochure and look up how to import into autocad.
Cat’s real picky about who they give .dwgs to.
The local distributor might take pity on you and help you out.

Isn’t the point that YOU learn how to do this? Is your lesson plan “recruit random strangers to do my homework”?

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Will this drawing be used as an illustration and pretty much generic ?
Or will it be elaborate and precise to scale ?

What purpose will it be used for ?