ATBs at Harley Marine

I have seen Harley Marine posting openings for ATB Mates and Captains for East Coast/ New York. Does any one have any details on these ATBs, I dont see any anything about ATBs on their web site. Any body know what kind of company it is to work for?

I applied to for their AB/deckhand spot. I heard they just bought 3 new tugs and that’s why they are looking for people. Unlicensed is SIU not sure about mates and engineers. But yeah apparently they bought a few new tugs and are in the process of getting them up and running.

I have to admit I was curious about the same thing. gCaptain’s job board is the only place I’ve ever seen Harley and ATB’s mentioned in the same place at the same time.

They are in the process of building 1 ATB currently launch is 2015.

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I talked to them about 6 months ago, they where looking for engineers in NYC. A guy I know who recently came from there didnt have alot of good to say. The woman was nice on the phone but everything seemed like a big secret, and until I sent her every piece of paperwork she wouldnt tell me much and I didnt feel like pursuing it. I talked to a tankerman who works for them @ Imtt 2 months ago and I couldnt get straight answers from him either, so yeah proceed with caution.

They have had ads for a dispatcher for a half dozen times in the last year, a la Bouchard style. Sketchy it seems

Since I heard about them it all seems under wraps as well, wondering but nervous still. When I called I couldn’t understand the guy on the phone either. Very very vague and discreet.

Being built at vigor I guess, saw it in a magazine today. 422’ or something.

[QUOTE=z-drive;134984]Being built at vigor I guess, saw it in a magazine today. 422’ or something.[/QUOTE]

Got any pictures to go with it?

Nothing, and only mentioned within an article not featured news

I have yet to see pictures as well, tugs 4,000hp supposedly

1st ATB will be West Coast and its an 80,000 bbls unit and the 2nd which isn’t talked about is a for SE Alaska multiply product moves. Then there building a few more for launch in 2015/2016 I believe. This is just what I was told and it may be wrong. As far as the Union I am not sure on the East Coast but West coast is Non-Union for the outside oil runs. Pay on the West Coast Outside runs is so so depending on Vessel location but we are pushing hard for some $$$$. The bad thing is when working outside contract and you enter the Fiiiing Puget Sound you work for piss poor inside wages. I take a $$50 a day cut and some Capts take a $$75!! Most West Coast Oil runs are crewed w/ a Capt., 2 Mate/PIC, 1 AB/PIC, and a C/E. Sometimes a cadet for a 6th guy. The one Alaska Oil run is a Capt., 2 Mates, 2 AB/PIC, and 1 C/E. Good place to work but they need to adjust the PAY. Also most runs are 28/28 and I normally get off on time

Any new info on this thread.

It’s been delivered.

Pretty cool, not a bad looking unit, the tug reminds me a little of the old Penn units. Nice to finally see it in the flesh.

So, you think it’s pretty cool? Sorry Paddy, but its not at all. (nice legs though) If it were rated on the EEDI it would probably rank last. Square bow? No ballast system? Sloped decks? No sound proofing? Navigation and Wheelhouse Management linked to the one and only computer? I should probably stop there, but my 3 year old niece could draw a better design. Why do companies still pay these “naval architects” to design crap they stop building 15-20 years ago? Has the micro-processor gone macro? Does the common car have 12 cylinders again? A total disgrace to the future of ATB designs, the company that bought it and possibly the schools we are hiring these architects from. Why not start considering an Ulstein X-bow for the ATB and Z-drives for the tug? Bow-thruster up front and all the bells and whistles to attract the newest Mariners that think the adult body is comprised of 207 bones (the extra one being a smart phone). Let’s start thinking outside the box and beyond the end of the drawing board. Imagine the stack of resumes you would have and people clawing to get on board. Maybe Richard Branson or Elon Musk should get in the game.

You mean 2 PIC / Mates. You are a PIC foremost, then a paper Mate. Aw, how cute!

I have to agree. I saw some other pictures of this unit elsewhere and it looks like a huge piece of shit. In my head i wondered why fucking bother if thats what youre going to spend millions on. Look at a crowley, reinauer, bouchard, or moran atb and its night and day.

Hell I have seen some new z-drive tugs set up by a toddler. Obviously not one person with a day’s sailing experience had any say in the design, I even bet the shipyard guys were laughing.

I won’t single what boats those are out, but even Moran/Mcallister are still doing bonehead things on their newbuilds. Why fuck up a 10??? Million dollar boat before it’s even launched? It’s obvious not one thing learned on the previous 10 or whatever boats in the serious.