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Hello and warm wishes for the new year from TheNavalArch!

We are glad to publish a new article titled Preliminary Rigging Arrangement Design OF 4 point, Single Hook Lifts for Non-Specialists by Michael Harwood

This article is intended to provide guidance to non-specialists (including knowledgeable designers) in developing slightly conservative preliminary lift rigging designs. Two cases are considered - with and without a spreader bar.

An excerpt is presented below:

Preliminary rigging design as described here is summarized in the table below and further described in notes following the table.

• Obtain/Calculate a best estimate of the Package weight along with its expected centre-of-gravity (CoG).
• Establish the Package lift points
• Work out the key setting-out work points of the selected rigging system
• Estimate the sling forces in the rigging system
• Form a table of work points developed in Step #3 to be exported for use in constructing a “starter model” with AutoCAD 3D
• Build the input for Rigging System sub-model to be exported for use by a Structural analysis program

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