New launch: 2-Hook Lift Factors and Lift Point Loads


TheNavalArch launches a new product: 2-Hook Lift Factors and Lift Point Loads.

This excel app can be used to calculate the lift factors and lifting point loads for a standard 2 hook lift with four lifting points (see figure)

  1. Based on Nobledenton Guidelines for Marine Lifting and Lowering Operations, ND-0027, Rev 11
  2. Calculates the Load factors like DAF/Yaw factor and tilt effect on the lifted object
  3. Calculates the Crane hook loads
  4. Calculates the Lift point vertical loads
  5. Very useful for marine lifting/lowering operations to calculate lift point loads. These can be used to design the slings, and evaluate the strength of lift point rigging/pad-eye/shackles etc

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