Article: Bulbous Bows - History and Design

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This article talks about the history of bulbous bows, how they have evolved over the years, their various design types, and the factors affecting their design.

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the bulb, due to its forward motion is pushing the water sideways and up, creating a crest ahead of the ship, with the trough occurring aft of hull entry, which necessarily means reducing the pressure on the hull, resulting in lower wave resistance. The higher the speed within that Froude number range, the more is the effect of the bulb

Apart from reducing the resistance at the specific Froude number range (>0.238 and < 0.563), the effect on sea-keeping characteristics are also important. Bulbs typically are v-shaped on the bottom to minimize slamming in rough seas. The large volume so far ahead of the ship produces extra buoyancy and a high moment that counteracts pitching motion.


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