Are there any maritime administrations the recognize venezuelan maritime qualifications?

I am a graduate of the venezuelan maritime college, however I did not obtain my third mate’s license on graduation from the venezuelan maritime authorities. Are there any other countries where my qualifications would be recognized and accepted leading me to obtain license?

Best bet may be to contact the Caribbean flag maritime authorities directly and ask if they will accept your Venezuelan training. That is assuming you have documentation to support your training. Did you quit training or fall victim to the current troubles?

I completed all my necessary training before the troubles however the Venezuelan maritime authority refused to give all foreign students the license. Now I am stuck trying to find an administration that accepts their qualifications and issue CoCs to foreign Nationals.

Money talks. Especially these days in Venezuela. You might be able to find an abrogado in Venezuela who could “talk “ a licensing official into issuing you the Venezuelan CoC that you have already earned.

Money talks in a few other places in Latin America.