Can a Panamanian cadet obtain a UK licence?

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Last month I hired a cadet to help me with a consultancy for the Panamanian Government. The study is now coplete, and th cadet have been lucky to join a ship to do his sea time. He is embarked on a ship in Brasil/ Today he sent me an email asking if it was possible for a Panamanian cadet ( he finished his degree as deck officer) could obtain an UK licence. Does anyone knows?

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Maria Dixon

I don’t know much about the UK’s licensing rules. I do, however, know that you need to be an American Citizen to hold a license in the U.S. -Jeff

Good point, however, I do know that there is a white list ( IMO) so countries can endorse the lciences if they belong to that country.

For instance a USA mariner can get work on non-USA ships by doing the endorsement.

I will go to the IMO page and find out. Your suggestion was of great help.



I’m with Jeff in knowing that only US citizens can obtain a US license. I am aware of the White list and hold a Marshall Islands and panama license myself but it is a one way street in this country. I know that if you are a citizen of a former commonwealth country it is not a problem. I also believe that the UK has two separate flags, one of which allows foreign mariners.

Try this link on the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency page for info on UK licenses: