Are the 'responder' vessels DP?

Does anyone know if the responder vessels (texas responder etc) dp vessels?

suprisingly, I don’t believe they are. I remember the LOUISIANA RESPONDER once being marketed to do ROV work (about 11 years ago and why I don’t know) and at the time noticing no DP. Their class notation shows no DP

All of those boats were built before DP became popular and I don’t believe they were ever upgraded to do so

They are not DP.

Thanks guys

Many if them are single screw…

The MSRC Responder class of vessels (TEXAS RESPONDER, LOUISIANA RESPONDER, etc.) are twin screw vessels. They were built as a reponse to the EXXON VALDEZ spill and the subsequent over reaction of OPA 90. Like anything else, the immediate response was overkill. MSRC was a form of mutual that vessel owners and opertors would buy in to and have vessels strategically positioned in US waters to respond quickly to any spill; kind of like the fire department. Of course, NRC was a competing firm (not to be confused with the USCG NRC). NRC used much smaller utility boats for their response vessels. MSRC had a major building program for the Reponder boats. Nothing was spared. Sophisticated satellite communications (multi channel) for the time. Skimmers, decanting tanks, discharge systems. Manned with stand by crews 24/7 with full crew locally available and on call. I am not sure where things stand now, but like anything, vigilance wains over time. I remember that the communication system (likely outdated by the time) was removed in the mid 90s. Some were used during the Katrina recovery as hotel and office vessels. Of course some were used during the Macando incident, too.

They swap electronics about every couple years. Least the one in my town does. They have a whole warehouse full of perfectly fine radars, radios, plotters, computers, outboards, skimmers. Boom etc. Talking to a friend one of those budget things. If you don’t spend you lose it. Crews have 2 hour range while off boat. They have stand in guys when you want a weekend off. Skelton crew now 24/7 just few guys to get shit in motion.