Are separate Master and OIM no longer allowed?

I was browsing the CFR for other things and came across 46 CFR 15.520 and it looks like it’s saying that the Master and OIM must be the same person (when both are required). Is this the USCG interpretation?

Uhh, for the last ten years almost?

Good. I knew companies changed their manning post Macando but I didn’t realize there was an actual rule change forcing that, I just thought they were afraid of liability.

You can check, at the bottom of regs is the legislative history showing when it was last changed with a cite to the Federal Register for the change. In this case, maybe not much help as the cite is for the 2013 rule for the 2010 STCW amendments. But often helpful.

thats why they tow self propelled MODU’s…no captain required

Why need OIM endorsement when underway (not drilling)?

You can swap out those 2 guys when its possible, long tow versus short one etc.

It’s still an offshore installation and it still needs a manager. In fact, rig moves are required for OIM Unrestricted and there’s an entire OIM Underway license. I think maybe on drill ships when underway it doesn’t need any OIM but semi subs and floating platforms need an OIM when underway, even when being towed.