Are Memtal disorders cause for me to be disqaulified from the MMC?

I have bipolar scizieffectice disorder and was curious to if I could be disqualified from the MMC. Granted in on meds, I maintain a healthy social life and I’m able to maintain a high stress job. I also don’t deal with the liness’s side effects, becuase of my medications.

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I saw an obese guy in crew mess recently, plopped down in between couch cushions like a sealion, staring attentively at the TV which had a quite grisly crime documentary on; once in a while you could hear him belly laughing to himself in a sort of hearty and satisfied way.
You’d fit right in as a member of SIU.
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Too bad you were properly diagnosed with this before obtaining a MMC. Chances are you would have blended in just fine in several outfits where showing symptoms of bipolar schizophrenia is the norm.


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Help. I can’t breathe.

Seriously though. You have to disclose this condition and your med list during a physical which is reviewed by the Coast Guard. A condition like yours is a major red flag so it’s iffy that you’ll get a medical clearance.

Edit: I am not laughing at you, original poster.


Hehehe, man. Lord knows that I have sailed with a bipolar captain or two. . . . .for awhile, I thought it was a requirement. . . .