Are mates union on Washington State ferries?

Are the jobs on the Washington State ferries all union ? I’d there a choice?

Darn spell correction. Is there a choice?

I believe the mates are all MMP.

I’m not sure thT the union is much of an advantage at Washington state ferries

All WSF deck officers are MMP.

Washington is not a Right to Work state so even if you opt-out of the union, you’d still have to pay into it if receiving benefits from its negotiations/contracts.

MM&P Inland, right? Just like AMHS?

Government employees always have lots of extra rights , even in “employment at will” and “right to work” states.

A government job is considered “property” which cannot be “taken” from any employee without “just compensation” and “due process” as guaranteed by the 5th and14th Amendments to the US Constitution, and similar state constitutional provisions.

Just my opinion, MMP Inland is a very pathetic excuse for a union, possibly making it the worst “maritime union.”

I cannot imagine what MMP might do for WSF officers that the State Employees union couldn’t do better.

I was afraid that it is mmp. If anyone knows, does everyone have to pay dues if not interested in the mmp union?