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A vessel that is normally operating in Arctic waters has made a “detour” to Antarctica:

the MALIK ARCTICA beside the Brunt Ice Shelf in early January! This was the first relief of Halley Research Station by sea in several years. The teams worked incredibly hard over 9 days complete the unloading supplies, and load 6 years of waste.
Photo: British Antarctic Survey

Tromsø is offering varied activities for delegates.

The Arctic Ocean is becoming more accessible as the sea ice retreats. Expectations of increased human activity in the central ocean basins create the need for an updated approach to governance based on an improved understanding of the ecosystem and its response to the changing environment.

Deployment of the Norwegian Polar Institute’s deepest (4200 m) and northernmost (86° 32’ N) mooring “Amundsen-1” from the research vessel Kronprins Haakon though a small lead in the sea ice on 7 August 2022. Senior engineer Kristen Fossan (Norwegian Polar Institute) is releasing one of two acoustic Doppler current profilers that will provide year-round current measurements in the upper 500 m. The whole operation took around three hours to complete and required good coordination with the captain controlling the ship and crew operating a crane and a mooring winch. Recovery is planned for summer 2024.
Photo: Trine Lise Sviggum Helgerud / Norwegian Polar Institute

Map showing the location of the Nansen and Amundsen Basins (outlined in white), the track of the Kronprins Haakon (yellow line), two new moored observatories (bright yellow stars), the section of hydrographic, current, turbulence, and biogeochemical observations made from the vessel (red dots) and in-situ sea ice measurements (blue hexagons) collected during the 2022 cruise. The Norwegian Polar Institute’s sustained observatories in Fram Strait (1990-present) and northeast of Svalbard (A-TWAIN, 2010-present) are also shown.

Source: Sustainable development of the Arctic Ocean | The Independent Barents Observer

Planning to visit Svalbard anytime soon? Be aware of the new restrictions applied from this year’s cruise season:

Surprisingly there are not a lot of ships at anchor waiting for cargo at Narvik:

More trouble for the iron ore railway:

Stll not many ships at anchor in Narvik:

Some may have turned around, or left empty.