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Has it really been that difficult winter and is the start of the summer navigating period really delayed? At least I haven’t really noticed or heard of any major difficulties in the western sector this winter and typically the first eastbound LNG shipments have left Sabetta in June. CdM’s record early transit in May 2020 was an experimental voyage, not something we can expect regularly from the first generation Yamalmax carriers (and none of the new ones have been delivered yet).

The Arctic has become so important that USA has decided to establish a “Presence Post” in Tromsø, Norway:

Other countries have General Consulates, Consulates, Vice-Consulates and Honorary Consuls, but I have never heard of “Presence Posts” before, so I Google it:

Even as the war goes on in Ukraine and sanctions are imposed on Russia, rescue co-operation between Norway and Russia still function:

The NSR navigation season has commenced:

The northernmost permanent community on the planet. A town so calm and colourful on a summer’s day. Some 60 houses, many protected as cultural heritage, holding a long history of hardships and the endurance of men and women seeking their fortune from coal, long before science came about and turned Ny-Ålesund into a prestigious and unique community of international polar science and environmental monitoring . JONAA©Vilborg Einarsdottir

The history of Ny-Ålrsund is the history of Kings Bay Kull Compani:

BRW; It is not only the summers that gets hotter in the high north:

The war in Ukraine is far away, yet it is felt even in the high north:

Still busy in the Russian Arctic:

Putin himself honoured the sailaway event with a visit.
Infortunately he could not visit the Northern Fllet Base due to bad weather:

PS> There is a Norwegian saying that goes; “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”

Due for replacement soon:

Russia has submitted a claim of NOK 47 million for 40 Norwegian reindeer that have grazed illegally on the Russian side. The reindeer husbandry manager is surprised by the size of the claim.

Source: Russland krever 47. millioner kroner for ulovlig grensepassering av 40 norske rein – NRK Troms og Finnmark

Maybe the border markers were under the snow? Seen here in summer:

PS> Not unusual that Norwegian reindeer flocks cross the borders into Finland, Russia or Sweden, resulting in claims for compensation. NOK 47.2 Mill. sounds a bit high, though.

NSR navigation season is on:

So is exploration season i the high Arctic:

The Bavernit is a Geophysical exploration vessel, able to drill core samples down to 500 m. BSL, she does not drill oil & gas wells.
Source: Rosneft conducting further drilling studies offshore northern Russia | Offshore

Airships were used in the Arctic before, why not try it again?:🇺🇸-airships-over-the-arctic-2-companies-are-looking-into-it/

The “Akademik Tryoshnikov” has just passed North Cape:

The drift of “Severny Polyus” so far:

Still too much and too packed ice on part of the NSR for easy transit:

More on the way:

Loading operation in winter conditions:

Damn that Sannikov is sexy :heart_eyes: