ARC Carrier ‘Endurance’ in Bremerhaven port on March 13, 2021 – All 14 Mooring Lines Parted

In a heavy storm, the moored ‘Endurance’ drifted across the basin…
This is a mandatory (after one year) interim report, without any conclusions >>>

Interim Report from German Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation

The final report seems to be ready, and will be sent to the relevant parties for comments.
I will follow this…

In my experience on car ships with wind off-shore and abeam speeds of around 45-50 kts there’s going to be high likelihood of parting lines.

With that forecast best thing is to avoid that situation in the first place, next best is find out what tugs are available and what notice is required.

I thought this was interesting:


As far as I know the answers are:

-If unfavorable forecast refuse to enter port unless tugs are available.
-Don’t know of any.