Application ? "Previous Jobs"

A little about the circumstance I am in. I left a good job (I hated it though) to go fish in AK running charter boats. The previous job knows why I left. The day before I left to AK, I hurt my back. I spent 2 weeks in AK before quitting do to back and leg pains, AK company knows this.

After getting checked out by doctor in my home state. I had sciatic nerve and who knows what with my back (Docs. were unable to determine and didn’t want to do a MRI). It has been 5 months since original injury and I am healed (finely).

The one thing I am asking for advice is. Should I list the AK company in my “previous jobs”? I only worked there 2 weeks, but filled out a w-2 form and got a pay check. What I am worried about is that an employer will call the AK company; hear about my injury; then discard my application. I have heard and met others that had a hard time getting jobs with a previous injury.

I am looking to get into tugs/commercial/drill rigs/etc.

Do any of think I am over thinking this? Or should I just not put this AK company on applications…just forget about ever working there?

Thanks for any input; as this is really bugging me.

If you’ve been “Caught Stealin’” then lyin’ should be no trouble at all.

Wow. Thanks. I guess some people like to stereo type by a moniker. You must have never steelhead fished…

That is a catch 22 situation. I know when I first started in the GOM, I had a full physical (including back x-rays). If you don’t say anything about it and they catch it, you are not a honest employee. If you do say something about it they may feel you will be a liability. Flip a coin! Good luck!

Hey Got Caught,

That might have been lame but it was meant as a joke.

Seadog- Understood. And my bad if I came off a bit harsh; I just took it the wrong way.

And I have decided I will just put it on there due to, I consider myself a trust worthy person. But will follow the guide line; don’t ask don’t tell.