Anyone here make trips to Russia?

If so please let me know via PM. I have a deal for you…

I did gate duty while I was in the Navy at Vlodivostok Russia. (not sure if I spelled it correctly) Just about 5 miles off the coast does that count?

Does trips sponsored by count?

this sounds totally legit

it is legit, just a few items that are sold there that someone going there can get… as we know seamen have for years traded, bought and bartered from various locations for items. ( used to bring US blue jeans to the USSR and trade that for large bottles of vodka myself. Am just curious if anyone has any contacts there… and if so if they would be willing to let me know.

Used to live there 98 to 03 before it got ridiculously expensive. Last time was there september last year. It gets old paying $4 for a cup of coffee and $10 and over for a shot of an average whisky. I didn’t have to worry about hotels (got a place there) but from what I heard you can’t find a decent hotel for less than 300 a day. That’s moscow and saint petersburg. Other places are little bit cheaper but not much.

I sailed the Volga from Moscow to St Petersburg. I am glad I did it but have no reason to go back. I certainly wouldn’t screw around skirting any laws over there. I had a guide tell me that all statues of Lennon point to Moscow. This one he says, we say points to the train station, and if I made that remark 5 years ago they would have thrown me in jail. The fear still lives on.

Now it’s the opposite (not necessarily better) It’s the total lack of any law or respect for it. Who ever said that it’s WILD EAST was right. If you decide to do something illegal or legal for that matter, it’s not the cops you have to worry about but the competition that can do to you something similar to scorsese gangster movies. By the way lenin statues are gone soon to be replaced by putin’s

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I go over 2-3 times a year . . But my tanks are always pressed full both ways on that voyage :rolleyes:

Last time it was 20 iPhones going, and stuff for the GF coming back . . :smiley: