Anyone got experience with Seabulk Towing?

Curious to what the working environment is like there. Pay/benefits/schedule, what’s it like dealing with the office, how fast do they move people up?

Seabulk towing as in their harbor tugs or offshore?

I don’t have direct experience with Seabulk Towing, however, here’s a few thoughts relative to your opening sentence and questions.

The working environment, that is the physical geographical locations of the company, most likely encompass office buildings, workshops, and vessels. Knowing which specific working environment(s) of the company you are curious about might allow forum members to better enlighten you.

Pay would be determined based on the type of employment positions currently available, education and/or prior experience requirements for a particular position, and if the position is for a salaried, hourly or daily rate worker. It is not often that actual dollar figures for any position are found on a forum such as this, for many reasons… your best bet is to discuss pay amounts with someone in the HR department of the company or with a friend or acquaintance who works for the company.

Information on benefits is available online or by contacting the company HR department using their telephone number which can be found in a number of ways.

Work schedules depend on the positions needing filling. Entry level workers in the office working environment might work a different schedule from entry level workers in a vessel environment, and both of those types of workers might work a different schedule as compared to someone filling a senior administrative position or mid-level supervisory position.

In determining what it’s like dealing with the office, that depends entirely on the circumstance. An employee receiving recognition for service longevity and a protracted record of supporting the company HSE program will have one experience, whereas an employee receiving disciplinary action due to any number of reasons will have a different experience. Do you have an example regarding office interaction that you could relate to a friend or acquaintance who has worked for Seabulk? That is often the best way to get information.

People move up in an organization due to a number of factors - length of employment, length of time in a particular position, relative experience in a particular position, work ethic, job evaluations, and good old hard work are chief among the things that any employer will recognize.

For your benefit, in the future, be as specific and to the point as possible when posting questions to the forum. This allows the many experienced members to load you up with answers to your questions. Good luck.

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I don’t have first hand experience with them but have talked to people that worked there.
I think they are union, not sure which one. Pretty sure they do 7/7 rotation and i hear their pay is behind the curve a bit.
The couple of boats i have seen in passing looked nice. I have heard overall they have decent equipment.

Not certain about Seabulk towing, but I sailed on one of their tankers as a
cadet. They’re AMO/SIU ships, 90 on/90 off from what I saw. The 3rd A/E at the time said a new 3rd could expect to make 70-75k. Although he made more because he had been there almost a decade. Office seemed pretty reasonable, as for advancement I’m not certain but it seems like the regular crew had been set in their positions for a while, with a handful of exceptions. Maybe the towing side of the company is similar.

I believe they want local employees (Tampa and Some ports in Texas maybe)? SIU and AMO I believe as far as union wise…I think it’s 7/7 for the harbor boats and the ATB “Sea power/ sea chem-1” is 28/28.