Anyone ever worked in Nigeria and/or for Addax Petroleum?

Got a job offer for a 2 year contract job with Addax petroleum in Nigeria. I swore i’d never work there but tough times call for tough measures i guess. The pay is about 25k a year more than i was making before i was furloughed at my previous employer and they say it is “Tax Excluded.” Health benefits, payed travel, 28/28 schedule, quarterly Bonus’s up to 15% of your salary. Its salary pay and they give you your first months pay up-front (before your hitch starts).

It almost sounds too good to be true, im wondering if any of you have any previous experience or dealings with this company and working in Nigeria. Either this is one badass opportunity or its too good to be true and ill be working on some old piece of shit osv made in 1960 getting 2 hours sleep every night and eating mystery meat.

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